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Top Fishing Spots In Noosa (Sunshine Coast)

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Noosa is well known for having some of the best fishing spots in Southeast Queensland. Whether you’re a pro fisher or someone who fishes more casually, you’re sure to be spoilt for choice in Noosa.

With its abundant fish and wildlife and stunning coastal habitat, it’s no surprise that people will travel from far and wide to experience the magic of a weekend spent on the Noosa waters.

With its beautiful beaches, rivers, inlets and headlands, there is sure to be a spot to suit everyone. With so many options though, where is the best place to dip your line?

At Noosa Watersports we are sharing just some of the best fishing spots in Noosa.

Noosa Heads

For those who have access to a tinny or are heading out on a fishing charter, Noosa Heads offers some of the best offshore fishing in the state.

The area is home to a huge variety of colourful and delicious local fish, such as perch, cod, bluefin tuna, marlin, mackerel and sailfish, to name just a few.

Offshore fishing charters are a great way to experience some of the best fishing that you can.

Double Island Point

Accessible only by 4WD, Double Island Point is a great headland between Inskip Point and Noosa River Mouth. You can find plenty of fish variety here, including longtail tuna, mackerel, and golden trevally. The headland is especially favoured by rock fishermen for its large variety of fish.

Double Island Point is especially good for winter fishing, as it produces abundant jewfish.

Noosa National Park

The Noosa National Park offers some of the best rock fishing in Southeast Queensland. If you don’t have a boat or a charter to head out on, then rock fishing is the best way to get the opportunity to catch some of the same fish you might find out in the open ocean.

With various points, bays and rocks to choose from, there are plenty of options for fishermen of every skill level. Try your hand at some night fishing or head out early in the morning before 10 am for your best chance at a good catch.

Some of the best spots to head out in the National Park include Dolphins Point and Fairy Pools.

Teewah Beach

With roughly 50km of beach to choose from, Teewah Beach is a fantastic option to head out for a day of fishing. With plenty of different fish to choose from throughout the year, you can either head to a favoured fishing spot or try your luck driving along the beach until you find a deep gutter to toss your line into.

You’re likely to find jewfish, tailor, tuna, and mackerel, to name just a few species.

There’s a reason that the fishing in Noosa is spectacular and known as some of the best in the country. With so many options to choose from, the most difficult part about heading out for a day of fishing is choosing where to go.

If you’re looking to spend a day out on the water, call 07 5449 9248 or get in touch with the team at Noosa Water Sports.

We can help you plan a day out on the water that will be memorable.

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