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Safety Terms – Noosa Watersports

Upon booking, you agree to the following terms and conditions of hire.
The individual hiring the boat is responsible for the safe conduct of the boat and all passengers.

1.The hirer is liable for any damages caused to vessel or any other vessel or persons during hire period

2. All boats must be kept clear of the river mouth.
Boats are not permitted to approach within 400 metres of River Mouth (or ocean entrance). Fines can apply.
3. Speed limit in canal areas is 4 Knots (walking speed). 
Observe all speed limits and no-wash areas.
In ‘6 knot No Wash’ areas run the motor no more than 1800rpm and you may find the lower rpm settings preferable. Wash is defined as a curling broken wave off the stern (rear) of the boat and this is not allowed in ‘No Wash’ areas.
Boat must be slowed to 4 knots within 30meters of swimmers and moored boats. 

4. Boats are daylight use only. No late returns without prior arrangement (late fee applies).
It is ILLEGAL to operate a hire boat outside of daylight hours and AMSA fines will apply, in addition, the hire is immediately cancelled, hire fee and bond will be forfeited.

5. The driver must not be under the influence of a controlled substance or exceed the legal blood alcohol limit.
Policing is on the river and fines can apply.
You are responsible for all damage caused to your hire vessel and other watercraft.

6. The maximum passenger number must not be exceeded.  

7. It is illegal and dangerous to ride on the bow (front) of a boat or outside the gated area of a pontoon
eg forward outside area of any boat, whilst the boat is in motion or under power.
Towing of boats, persons, boards or anything is illegal. Fines can apply.

8. No diving or jumping from the boat.
This is the most common cause of spinal injuries. 

9. Boats MUST stay to the right of the channel and allow oncoming boats to pass on your left.
Overtaking boats may overtake on either side.
It is your responsibility to give way to all swimmers and unpowered vessels.
Do NOT enter any red area, including Noosa Marina, as marked on your map.

10. All boarding / disembarking of boats must be made from shoreline or our boat hire’s designated jetty.
Do not jump or swim off boat.

11. Life Jackets must be worn by non-swimmers and children under 12. 
These are provided ahead of departure.

12. A basic first aid kit is provided with this boat. 
This is for emergency use only.  If a person has been injured and requires first aid you must at the first opportunity contact Noosa watersports, and if required, emergency services 000.   You must advise Noosa watersports if you have or are going to access the first aid kit.  

13. A fire extinguisher* (emergency use only) * is provided with this vessel
If a fire has not taken hold and a person’s life or injury is not immediately threatened then attempt to extinguish the fire.  If the emergency situation is that a person’s life or injury is threatened the skipper must advise all persons to put on their personal flotation devices (PFD’s) in sufficient time to enable them to abandon the boat immediately.

Note: Fire extinguisher use outside of emergency situation incurs a fee * It is an offence to tamper with safety equipment