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Noosa Jet Ski Ocean Tour

a man riding a wave on top of a body of water

Take the ride of your life on a guided ocean tour into the stunning Laguna Bay, jumping the waves of the Noosa bar on the way out. We then continue out around the Noosa National Park, where we often see dolphins, and up to Granite Bay, the furthest beach in Noosa’s national Park.  From there we take you out into the middle of the bay and give you free time to really test out the machines and ride however you like …  Once finished, we then race back across the bay in view of the Noosa North Shore, and back through the river mouth.

An amazing way to experience Noosa’s waterways!

Please Note

Due to high demand of the Ocean Tour, if you wish to book within 24hrs of now, please contact us by phone after booking to confirm availability.


If your desired product is unavailable on your preferred date and time please also contact us as cancellations do arise.

Ph: 07 5449 9248

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